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Why Do I Need A Agent?

What does your real estate agent do for you?  

A lot of our work is done behind the scenes but you will see the benefit.


  • Help you get ready to buy by introducing you to trustworthy lenders

  • Discuss your goals

  • Educate you on the process and the current market conditions,

  • Help you locate and view properties

  • When you're ready write the purchase offer

During the purchase:

  • write all relevant contracts

  • help you organize inspections and negotiate for repairs or money

  • keep track of all deadlines and other people involved to make sure your earnest money is protected and things are happening on schedule

  • advocate for you when conflicts or complications arise

  • keep you informed along the way so you can make good decisions

  • help you understand what your rights and options are, especially if you change your mind about the house

  • Be there when you sign your closing documents to make sure everything is correct

After the purchase:

  • Keep in touch as a resource, especially for you brand new homeowners

  • Provide you with annual updates on your home's value

  • Continue to educate on real estate investing and how you can buy your next property

  • If you ever need to sell, we'll be there to help with that too!

Some of the unofficial things we do are:

  • talking you down when anxiety starts getting the best of you.  

  • buy you drinks or comfort food when the process feels a bit stressful

  • patiently explain things for the tenth time when you really need to understand something to feel comfortable moving forward.  

Basically, we've got your back!

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